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Free Life Skills program for martial arts schools

Introducing: Life SKILLZ!

9 out of 10 parents will say character development is more important than sports performance.   Our industry is set up to highlight character development more so than any other sport.  Adding a program like Life SKILLZ to your school will build an even stronger brand authority in your community.

What Is Life SKILLZ?

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Life SKILLZ is a complete 20-month program that includes lesson planners and activities specifically targeted to appeal to parents and empower kids.

Each month, your children will learn about one life skill topic, including Responsibility, Loyalty, Integrity, Self-Discipline, and more!

Life SKILLZ also helps parents be even more engaged in their child’s learning and development by providing easy-to-implement ideas and tips about how to aid their children in learning.

Each month of content includes:

  • Weekly Lessons

    You will receive 4 weekly lessons that you can share with your students, including mat chats, activities, and worksheets

  • Age-Specific Content

    Each set of lesson plans includes content that is tailored for each of the developmental age groups served by SKILLZ: 3 & 4 year old preschoolers, 5 & 6 year old early learners, 7 to 9 year old intermediate learners, and 10 to 14 year old tweens and teens.

  • Hand Outs and Activities

    You will also receive a instructor's worksheet that explains the skill and how to apply it, a parent letter that helps relate the lesson and its value to the entire family, and some imagery that you can use on your digital platforms.

Ready to Try a Free Month of Life SKILLZ in Your School?

We would love to provide you with the first month of Life SKILLZ content absolutely free!

What You Will Get:

Your first month of Life SKILLZ content will include age-specific lessons about CHARISMA.  You will receive an Instructor’s worksheet to help pre-frame the lessons, a letter for parents explaining the concepts to be covered,  marketing imagery for your email, print, and social media efforts, and 4 weeks’ worth of lesson plans for each age group.

Simply fill in the form above to gain access to the content, download everything you need, and follow the planners to start making even more impact in the lives of your students!

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How to Use the Life SKILLZ Character Development Program

There are many ways to use this powerful program in your school.  It is limited only by your creativity!  But the easiest is to simply follow the guidelines provided with your free month:

It's That Simple!

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