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Step By Step System Can Be Used In
ALL Martial Arts Styles

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Hi Definition Videos

Watch all drills explained and demonstrated in high definition

Customize Drills

Customize your classes - select from multiple categories

Printable Drills

Drills can be printed for easy implementation by your team

Set Difficulty Levels

Set your class difficulty - hard or easy, it's up to you

100's of Drills

Disguise repetition to keep classes fresh - retention rate!

Save Time

Spend time of what matters - your students!

Drills Dashboard

Drills List

List of Drills

Each drill category will have dozens of age appropriate drills 

Stripe Color

Each skill category will show the corresponding color to be used for class stripe testing.

Instructions for The Chosen Drill

Step by step instructions for the selected drill. 


Choose from 8 Program Specific Categories

How To Video

High definition instructional video for the selected drill 

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Done For You Planner

Testing Cycle

ALL drills and lessons are setup for you for the entire testing cycle.

Rotating Lessons

Each cycle, the lessons are rotated with new drills for variety and excitement.

Printable Calendar

Lessons can be printed in weekly or monthly format for quick access.

Staff Confidence

The done for your planner will give staff members the confidence to succeed!

10 or 12 Weeks

Choose from 10 or 12 week of lessons to suit your needs of your program.

Save Time

Choosing drills can be time consuming. The planner will do the work for you!

Planner Overview

Weekly Plans
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Testing Cycle

ALL drills and lessons are setup for you for the entire testing cycle.

Stripe Testing

Each class is planned with specific age appropriate drills that the students will practice. Then at the end of the class, the students will have a chance to earn their stripe by being tested on the skill - increasing their motivation!

10 or 12 Weeks

Choose from 10 or 12 week of lessons to suit your needs of your program.

Rank Testing

At the end of the testing cycle (10 or 12 weeks), the students will be tested on all the age appropriate skills that they have worked on for the cycle for their belt level. There are different rank belts to distinguish programs.

Planner Overview

Stripe Testing

Achievement Stripe Colors - Basic Skillz

Basic SKILLZ 2020
Stripe Colors

Rank Testing - Core Skillz Ranks

Belt Ranks
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How To Video Library

Step By Step

ALL videos break down the lesson into multiple steps for easy reference.

High Definition

All videos are recorded in the high definition for crystal clear viewing.

Well Organized

Videos can be viewed from Categories or from within the DONE FOR YOU planner.

Video Drills Access

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Drills, lessons, mat chats, instructor drills, demo team, weapons, and many many more. The ultimate resource!


Blog articles, ads, commercials, marketing assets, letters to teachs, posters, flyers and more!


Motivational posters, images, infographics help educate the students and the public about the benefits of SKILLZ.

Quick View of Downloads Section


Downloads with the Categories

Download Samples
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Marketing Assets


300 DPI Images for printable high quality infographics.

Cards and Flyers

Business cards, direct mailers, postcards, ad cards, and more.

Printable Calendar

Birthday party posters, invitations, and gift certificates.


Ready to use amazing high quality photos.

Blogs and More

Written for you blogs and so much more!


Done for you brochure templates for all programs.

Seasonal Marketing

Marketing material for all holidays and seasons.

Marketing Overview

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Retention Tools

Miss You Cards

Let them know that they are missed in class.

Birthday Vouchers

Birthday party voucher for recruiting and retention.

Referral Cards

Let you students be your best ambassadors.

Good Job Cards

Motivate students with postcards on their progress.

Coloring Sheets

Fun coloring activity sheets for students.

Save Time

Retention is an important but time consuming process.

Retention Overview


School Owners!

Make Teaching
Easier and More Enjoyable

We've done the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what matters - YOUR students!