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Imagine a dedicated group of internationally recognized child development specialists joining your team to help make your job of teaching children easier and more enjoyable!  That is the power of having SKILLZ Worldwide on your side.

The SKILLZ Worldwide team is comprised of experts in child development, business, mindset,  marketing, and martial arts.  We have helped over a thousand schools grow their children’s programs by providing high-level training, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and direct coaching on how to market and grow a children’s program by speaking to parents in ways they will understand.

What Does SKILLZ Worldwide Offer?

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What To Expect From Our Call

During our 30 minute session, we will dive into what you love about teaching, what your challenges are, and help uncover your vision for what you want your program to look like at its most successful.  A member of our team will offer insight and discuss some of the opportunities for our team to help yours, including:

  • Class Sizes

    What are the ideal class sizes? How many members do you need to make the income you need while still providing instructional quality? What are your growth goals?

  • Curriculum

    Traditional curriculum was not designed for children, which can make it harder to teach than it has to be. We will explore ways to help your program become more age-specific and developmentally appropriate so your young learners retain more and stay longer.

  • Marketing Strategies

    Even the best classes can fail if your audience doesn't know about them and understand exactly how your services will help their challenges. Our team can help you create a marketing presence that is visible, and which promotes a message that calls to parents who want their kids to succeed.

  • Business Goals & Growth

    Each of the SKILLZ Worldwide team members is expert in and successful at their areas of expertise. We are working in our industries, running our own businesses, and testing which strategies work. By scheduling your free call, we can discover if the strategies we use in our own businesses might be of benefit to yours.

Are We A Good Fit?

Adding the experts at SKILLZ to your team can help your business — and your teaching — reach new levels.  It can be a silent partnership or you can leverage the full power of our international brand to bolster your business.

But, most importantly, we all need to make sure we can work together seamlessly. By booking your free discovery call, you will learn more about us to ensure our products, services, and ideas align with your goals, and we will have the opportunity to learn how to best serve your needs.  There is no obligation for this call, but the opportunities are endless! 

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