We Want To Make Teaching Life Skills Easier & More Enjoyable

SKILLZ Worldwide is committed to helping martial arts schools and other centers for learning by providing top-notch child development curriculum and instructor training that leverage the latest in the science and psychology of child development and educational science.


What to add age-specific life skill lessons to your ##MartialArts curriculum? Check out ##LifeSKILLZ, a 100% free program from SKILLZ Worldwide.

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Want to try one of our programs for free? Take advantage of our free Life SKILLZ character development program. You’ll get almost 2 years of done-for-you planners and activities. Each month of curriculum includes age-specific lessons and activities that you can share with the children in families in your school.

9 out of 10 parents will say character development is more important than sports performance. Our industry is set up to highlight character development more so than any other sport. Add a program like Life SKILLZ to your school and you will build even stronger brand authority in your community

There are no strings attached. Simply click the Resources tab and then look for the Free Life SKILLZ link. You’ll be able to sign up for the program and immediately gain access to the content.

Our mission is to make your job of empowering tomorrow’s leaders easier and more enjoyable. We hope this free character development program helps accomplish that goal.

P.S. If you are an active SKILLZ member, you can access this content in the membership section by clicking the Life SKILLZ link in the menu bar.

Life SKILLZ Character Development Program