The Core SKILLZ Program

The Kids Martial Arts Program Just For 7-9 Year Old’s,That Finally Builds Focus, Courage, And Strength.

See why parents and kids rave about our SKILLZ 7-9 year old kids martial arts classes.

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Backed By Child Experts And Psychologists

Proven To Build Focus, Confidence, Character

We didn’t just wing it. We made sure to get it right. Our kids martial arts program is co-created and backed by child psychologists and experts.

We learned how kids think, feel, act. And we crafted a program perfect for them. That’s how we help kids find their inner-superhero.

Martial Arts Instructors Who Care

They’re Your Child’s New Hero

Our kids martial arts instructors aren’t just skilled pros; they’re kid whisperers. They know how to make 3-4 year olds listen, laugh, and learn.

More than anything else — our 5-star reviews talk about our amazing instructors. We can’t wait for you and your child to meet them & see what all the hype is about.

Bottom line: Your child is in caring hands.
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Core SKILLZ for Kids

Understanding Your 7-9 Year Old

Navigating the world of 7 to 9-year-olds can be a fun puzzle! They’re bursting with energy, craving challenges, and shining brightly.

But they often grapple with staying focused amidst distractions, perfecting their physical techniques, and pushing past initial fears.

Our instructors are in tune with these unique challenges. We’re here to guide, uplift, and ensure every child taps into their full potential. Here, no kid goes unnoticed.

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The Secret of SKILLZ
A World-Renowned Program

Unlocking Your Child’s Inner-Superhero

We Learned How 5-6 Year Olds Think, Feel, Act. And We Crafted A Program Perfect For Them.
That’s How We Help Kids Find Their Inner-Superhero.

The SKILLZ Program Is Trusted By Thousands Of Martial Arts Schools Worldwide, And Impacts Tens Of Thousands Of Families Every Day.
It’s Tested, Proven, And Now Available Just For You.

Here’s How We Fill Your 7-9 Year Old With Focus. Courage. Resolve. Agility.


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Sharpen That Concentration

Zero In And Level Up

Concentration isn’t just a mind thing; it’s about syncing every move and thought.

At our kids martial arts program, we push your child’s concentration to the next level. Endurance exercises and focus drills boost focus, fast. Memorizing moves increases precision, coordination, and balance. Every step demands their undivided attention.

These techniques, and more, get their body, mind, and spirit tuned in.

From Shy To Unshakable

Face Fears And Stand Tall

Courage is facing the unknown with confidence. We cultivate this bravery in every student at our Martial Arts. From dodging and blocking pads thrown at them, to body strengthening exercises… your child’s physical and emotional reflexes improve. Every moving target needs their full concentration. These drills get them to look fear in the eye without flinching.





Unstoppable Determination

A Backbone Of Steel

True grit requires diving headfirst into challenges, and never giving up. At our kids martial arts class… We fan the flame of determination. Endurance drills get kids to follow through, again and again. Even when it’s tough. Every time they get back up, they learn to persevere and shine. Your child learns to keep going, no matter the obstacle, on or off the mat.

Lightning Reflexes

Quick Moves, Quicker Thinking

Your child will develop agility that rivals a superhero’s: quick to react, and quicker to adapt.

At our kids martial arts class, we fine-tune reflexes. Imagine your child landing 10 kicks, punches, and blocks. These drills sharpen their body coordination and speeds up their reaction time. They’ll be agile in both thought and action.

This agility training prepares them for anything life throws their way.


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