The Extreme SKILLZ Program

The Kids Martial Arts Program Just For 10-14 Year Old’s,That Finally Gets Them Driven, Assertive, Strong.

See why parents and kids rave about our SKILLZ 10-14 year old kids martial arts classes.


Backed By Child Experts And Psychologists

Proven To Build Focus, Confidence, Character

We didn’t just wing it. We made sure to get it right. Our kids martial arts program is co-created and backed by child psychologists and experts.

We learned how kids think, feel, act. And we crafted a program perfect for them. That’s how we help kids find their inner-superhero.

Martial Arts Instructors Who Care

They’re Your Child’s New Hero

Our kids martial arts instructors aren’t just skilled pros; they’re kid whisperers. They know how to make 3-4 year olds listen, laugh, and learn.

More than anything else — our 5-star reviews talk about our amazing instructors. We can’t wait for you and your child to meet them & see what all the hype is about.

Bottom line: Your child is in caring hands.
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Extreme SKILLZ for Kids & Teens

Understanding Your 10-14 Year Old

Your tweens and young teen are starting the journey of mini-adulthood! They’re smart, agile, and learning how to be independent.

But they often struggle with mood swings, inconsistent effort, and impulsiveness.

That’s where we come in. Our instructors pay extra close attention to your child. This ensures your child gets the push or pause they really need.

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The Secret of SKILLZ
A World-Renowned Program

Unlocking Your Child’s Inner-Superhero

We Learned How 5-6 Year Olds Think, Feel, Act. And We Crafted A Program Perfect For Them.
That’s How We Help Kids Find Their Inner-Superhero.

The SKILLZ Program Is Trusted By Thousands Of Martial Arts Schools Worldwide, And Impacts Tens Of Thousands Of Families Every Day.
It’s Tested, Proven, And Now Available Just For You.

Here’s How We Fill Your 10-14 Year Old With Drive. Self-Assertion. Composure. Strength.



Unbreakable Focus

Fuel For The Future

Drive is the engine behind every achievement. At our kids martial arts class… We supercharge your tween’s drive. Kids are given three attempts to break a board at its weakest point. They’re not just learning how to hit hard; they’re learning the focus and commitment it takes to achieve a goal. Our precision-focused drills instill a relentless drive that your child will carry into teen-hood, and beyond.

Unyielding Confidence

Stand Tall, Speak Loud

Your child will develop an unshakable sense of self, ready to speak up and act when it matters most.

In our kids martial arts class, we use partner sparring drills that’ll have your child block and counter every move thrown at them. This teaches them to stand their ground and react assertively, both physically and emotionally.

Unleash their inner hero, and watch them soar in class and life.





From Moody To Motivated

Grace Under Pressure

Your child will learn to maintain their cool, and turn stress into steady focus.

At our kids martial arts class, we hone in on composure through “Reaction Drills.” Your child will practice escaping various grabs and holds, then immediately transition into counter-moves. This teaches them to keep their wits about them, even in high-pressure situations.

These drills ensure your child stays composed and in control, no matter what life throws their way.

Rock Solid Strength

Power In Every Punch

Your child will build muscle, might, and purposeful power.

In our kids martial arts class, we focus on mental strength and physical ability. Your child will hold push-ups, squats, and bridge positions for increasing periods of time. They’ll build physical stamina, mental endurance, and true grit.

These strength-building exercises set your child up for success, ensuring they’re strong inside and out.