The Early SKILLZ Program

The Pre-School Martial Arts Program Just For 3-4 Year Old’s, That Finally Gets Them Strong, Confident, Listening

See why parents and kids rave about our SKILLZ 3-4 year old kids martial arts classes.

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Backed By Child Experts And Psychologists

Proven To Help Pre-Schoolers Get Mobile, In Control Of Their Emotions, & Socializing

We didn’t just wing it. We made sure to get it right. Our kids martial arts program is co-created and backed by child psychologists and experts.

We learned how toddlers think, feel, act. And we crafted a program perfect for them. That’s how we help kids find their inner-superhero.

Martial Arts Instructors Who Care

They’re Your Child’s New Hero

Our kids martial arts instructors aren’t just skilled pros; they’re kid whisperers. They know how to make 3-4 year olds listen, laugh, and learn.

More than anything else — our 5-star reviews talk about our amazing instructors. We can’t wait for you and your child to meet them & see what all the hype is about.

Bottom line: Your child is in caring hands.
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Early SKILLZ for Kids

Understanding Your 3-4 Year Old

Three and four are fun ages, full of curiosity and energy!

But they’re still a bit wobbly on their feet, and struggling to find their words when big emotions arise!

Our instructors are on it, fine-tuning each drill to your child’s needs. We’re all about those baby steps to big wins.

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The Secret of SKILLZ
A World-Renowned Program

Unlocking Your Child’s Inner-Superhero

We Learned How 3-4 Year Olds Think, Feel, Act. And We Crafted A Program Perfect For Them.
That’s How We Help Kids Find Their Inner-Superhero.

The SKILLZ Program Is Trusted By Thousands Of Martial Arts Schools Worldwide, And Impacts Tens Of Thousands Of Families Every Day.
It’s Tested, Proven, And Now Available Just For You.

Here’s How We Fill Your 3-4 Year Old WithStrength. Confidence. Self-Control. Social Skillz.


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Developing Control & Stability

Building Their Little Muscles

Your tiny warrior is still learning how to move.

We introduce fun exercises like hopping without letting their feet come apart and crawling without letting knees touch the ground and so much more. This build strength, balance, & coordination.

It ‘feels’ like play. But it’s more than that – it’s building their core muscles and coordination.

Boosting Your Child’s Confidence

From Feeling Like A Tiny Tot… To Becoming A Tiny Warrior

Feelings can be big for our little ones!

That’s why, before anything else, we make them feel safe and encouraged. This gives them the confidence to explore and learn. As they master moves like the straight punch or the high block, their belief in themselves grows.

“I can really do this” they think. Their self-talk changes too!

They come out of their shells, and come to life.





Self-Control, The Fun Way

Listen, Act & PLAY

Toddlers don’t know what to do with themselves! They’re full of energy and they don’t know what to do with it.

We teach the kiddos to follow simple commands, transforming their bursts of energy into discipline.

Rolling a ball or running & pivoting in different directions isn’t just fun, it’s them learning to listen and respond.

Your little one will only notice the fun. But you’ll notice how our preschool martial arts classes boost their self-control too.

Games For Self-Expression

Teamwork, Listening, Communicating

At 3-4 years old, words can be both magical, mystifying… and TOUGH! Through role-playing, team games & activities, guided discussions, and group interactions, our program teaches them how to interact. With positivity. See your child evolve from simple gestures to more thoughtful conversations, fostering better interactions both inside and outside the studio.