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An authorized SKILLZ coach can help you to properly and fully implement the SKILLZ programs, increase the size and value of your business through the use of recommended and tested best practices, and improve the quality of your life by coupling personal development and mindset training techniques.  More than just martial arts business coaching, Authorized SKILLZ Coaches are carefully selected based on their expertise, experience, ethics, and alignment with the SKILLZ Worldwide vision.

SKILLZ Authorized Coaches:

Why Do You Need Business Coaching and Mentorship?

A mentor is a person who has already accomplished what you are trying to accomplish. A mentor goes beyond simple teaching, takes you by the hand, and shows you the direction that brings you more quickly to your destination.

It’s like taking the plane instead of driving the car.

Choosing a mentor is not easy. The person must be ready to help you and have time to dedicate to you. This person will help you set professional goals and have your best interests at heart. A mentor will give you positive feedback and help you improve your weaknesses. Mentoring takes considerable time, but it can be advantageous if done well.

Here are some of the benefits of having a mentor:

1 — MINDSET: Having a mentor enables you to acquire the right frame of mind, motivation, and confidence you need to succeed. You can benefit from a mentor’s valuable ideas while also receiving constructive feedback that is useful to you and helps you maintain a positive mindset.

2 — TRUST: Mentorship fosters a trusting relationship. You know that your mentor wants the best for you and your business…that they are there to help you and not steer you in the wrong direction.

3 — RELATIONS: Having a mentor will also help you integrate “the human factor” and relational skills crucial to any success.

4 — TOOLS: Having a mentor gives you access to essential tools for your success. Your mentor gives you his keys to open all the doors (books, courses, training, e-book, seminars, software, tricks, trade secrets, etc.).

5 — NETWORK: Having a mentor is like having a bunch of friends — an “inner circle” — because a mentor lets you have access to his circle of friends. The mentor who believes in you and who speaks positively to you or recommends you to his network of contacts will significantly enhance your success.

6 — TEMPO: Having a mentor allows you to learn faster, accelerate your development, and retain. You acquire new skills to advance your goals. Your level will be better if you hold on as part of an “exchange” than if you learn by yourself. By taking a mentor, you significantly reduce the time of your learning. Since you benefit from his experience, you do not have to make your own mistakes through trial and error. Also, you gain leadership skills or improve existing ones.

7 — ACTION: Having a mentor helps you take action and make the right decisions and strategic choices about your business. You navigate much better through obstacles if you rely on the advice of a mentor who has gone through it before you.

8 — PRODUCTIVITY: The mentor is an ally who opens doors that take you directly to the essentials. You save energy and precious time.

Selecting a mentor is one of the best decisions you can make for your business, but you have to put 100% effort in to reap the benefits. Utilizing a mentor’s experience, resources, and expertise gives you the tools to take your business to the next level. This leverage will lead you to more confidence in the way you run your business and will ultimately bring you more success.

What's the difference between SKILLZ Consulting & SKILLZ Coaches?

Every SKILLZ membership includes consulting services that will help you implement and get the most out of your licensed child development content.

While these consultation services can help you get up and running quickly, they are limited to training and consultation specifically on the services your membership includes.

For example, if you license the Early SKILLZ child development curriculum for 3 and 4-year-old children to enhance the programs you offer in your martial arts school, our team is committed to helping you understand how to use the platform, how to teach the age-specific content, and even how to enroll kids in that program.

This consultation is essentially what you are paying for when you become a SKILLZ member at any level.

SKILLZ coaching takes this to the next level.  By working with a coach, you will look beyond the planners, karate belts, and curriculum.  Your SKILLZ coach will help you build your business as a whole, with the SKILLZ child development programs taking a prominent place in your offerings.

Your coach will help you with marketing, enrollment, team training, customer service, increasing revenue, and developing the systems that will keep your martial arts school or child development business running smoothly, even if you leave to come to our Escape event for a week.

A coach might work with you directly to enhance your leadership and clarify your vision, or your coach might work with your employees to help refine their skills on the training floor and enhance their value within your business.

For those who are already running the business of their dreams, the level of service you receive with the included consulting services may be sufficient for your success.  But for those who want to supercharge their progress toward success, and better define what success might be, the more personal coaching relationship is the way to go.

What Is an Authorized SKILLZ Coach?

There are many amazing business coaches and consultants out there, and many schools are seeing the benefits of martial arts business coaching.  We know because we use many of their services and programs in our own businesses.  

However, an Authorized SKILLZ Coach has the training and in-depth understanding of the SKILLZ Worldwide products and knows from experience the best ways to implement the products and programs within a successful business environment. 

Any business development coach can help you build a generic business.  But, just as there are specialists for any industry, when it comes to building a complete business around the SKILLZ child development center concepts, an Authorized SKILLZ Coach is the only sanctioned resource that is recognized by SKILLZ Worldwide.


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