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The Certified Pediatric Ninja Specialist Course

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Imagine if there was a program that brought the science and psychology of teaching children, that helped you understand the stages of development, and how to work with and motivate children at all ages.

That program is here!

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Instructors of youth activities such as martial arts, dance, sports, and preschools often love working with kids. They have a deep passion and a strong desire to make lasting connections with the children in their care.

The challenge we discovered is that many instructors have a hard time with age-specific curriculum development, and with tailoring the lessons and teaching styles in a developmentally appropriate manner.

The solution we found is to provide instructors with a course of study that highlights the unique stages of development of their students, while at the same time building skills that set them up for success in the teaching environment.

With that said, a structured program that introduces the basics of using neuroscience, physiology, and various teaching modalities has proven to be very successful.

Now, over 20 years of research and development by the SKILLZ team is available to you in one course!

The Pediatric Ninja Specialist certification is a year-long workshop broken into four semesters. Each semester covers two topics relevant to the education of children.

These courses are taught remotely, using a combination of text and video content, along with live instructor interaction. The final segment of each semester includes an in-person assessment at one of our regional facilities, with options for both live and virtual participation.

Spanning 80 hours of learning time, courses are designed to be applied to any environment in which teaching children plays a major role. Participants are often sports coaches, martial arts instructors, gymnastics coaches, dance teachers, and even early childhood development specialists, such as preschool teachers, childcare providers, or public school teachers.

After successful completion of all four semesters, candidates are eligible to attain the status of Certified Pediatric Ninja Specialists. Certifications are valid for 5 years.

Those who attain CPNS status will be listed in our national registry, and will have the opportunity to continue their training to reach the higher levels of Advanced Pediatric Ninja Specialist, and ultimately, Master Pediatric Ninja Specialist.

What You'll Learn




Presenter: Melody Johnson

As instructors, we know that parent engagement and reinforcement of the lessons beyond class time is important. Learn about the 8 Parent Skillz that will provide a consistent developmental environment for your students, and how to tactfully convey these skills to parents.



Presenter: John Salama

Now that you have learned more about what goes on in the minds of your students, and how to better organize your lessons and your methods, it is time to learn 8 skills that will enhance every lesson by bridging the gape between what you are teaching and what the student  is learning. 


Presenter: Melody Johnson

Going deeper than just teaching a lesson, you will learn about 8 areas of cognitive neuroscience that relate to exactly HOW the brain learns. By understanding different cognitive processes, you will learn to formulate lessons that resonate with how the brain acquires and categorizes information.

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Meet The Instructors

With over 100+ years of collective martial arts knowledge and teaching experience, the instructors are excited to work with you on your certification process.


Melody Johnson


With over 30 years in the martial arts, Melody has achieved many accomplishments including dedicating a lot of her time researching and developing some of the best methods for teaching children.


John Salama


John Salama is a 6th degree in ITF Tae Kwon Do. He has been training since 1983. John serves as a SKILLZ Solution Expert for numerous schools.

Murray Grys

Kelly Murray-Grys


Kelly is now a high- level, leadership and confidence coach helping hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders