Unlocking the Potential of Your 5 and 6-Year-Olds with the Basic SKILLZ Program!

If you have a spirited 5 or 6-year-old at home, you know they’re bursting with energy, creativity, and curiosity. They’re at an age where they’re eager to learn and explore, making them perfect candidates for Martial Arts. However, it’s crucial to understand that their development is unique, and they need a program tailored specifically to their stage of growth. That’s where the internationally acclaimed Basic SKILLZ Program comes in!

Understanding the Developmental Stages:

Let’s take a closer look at the typical developmental stages of children aged 5 and 6:

Physical Development: At this age, they’re still learning to control their muscles. They may be wobbly when in constant motion and lack significant strength.

Intellectual Development: They can find it challenging to remember more than three commands and might struggle with left and right distinctions.

Emotional Development: Happiness tends to be their focus, and they may have difficulty controlling their excitement.

Social Development: While they love playing with others, they can be quite competitive and may not exhibit strong sportsmanship initially.

The 8 Age-Appropriate Skills in Basic SKILLZ:

To address these developmental stages effectively, the Basic SKILLZ Program focuses on eight key skills:









In each class, one of these skills is emphasized, with a warm-up, a mat chat about the skill, skill-building drills, and a demonstration to earn a skill-stripe. To progress to the next belt level, they must earn all 8 skill-stripes. As they advance, the curriculum becomes more challenging.

Example of Skill Requirements for White Belts:

For instance, a white belt must demonstrate the following for each skill to earn their next belt:

– FOCUS: Punch and kick a pad thrown by an instructor while standing one step away, achieving four consecutive hits.

– TEAMWORK: Hold a kicking target for a partner, counting their partner’s ten kicks loudly and securely.

– CONTROL: Stop at an attention position after running forward within three steps of the instructor’s command.

– MEMORY: Demonstrate three stage 1 blocks and three stage 1 strikes from memory with proper form.

– BALANCE: Execute five front kicks without putting their foot down between reps while maintaining proper form.

– DISCIPLINE: Perform various seated and standing positions without moving for at least five seconds each.

– FITNESS: Hold static leg, arm, abdominal, and core exercises for a minimum of ten seconds without losing technique.

– COORDINATION: Execute left and right punching combinations on mitts with proper technique and hand coordination five times in a row.

The Basic SKILLZ Program offers a martial arts curriculum tailored to the needs of 5 and 6-year-olds. It ensures they learn and grow at an appropriate pace, building skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life.

So, if you’re looking to channel your child’s energy and curiosity while equipping them with valuable life skills, the Basic SKILLZ Program is the perfect choice! 🥋💪 #BasicSKILLZ #ChildDevelopment #MartialArts #LifeSkills